What to expect at Men's Fashion Week in NYC

Men’s Fashion Week will head to New York City next week and we will reveal the runway and street style trends you’re going to see so you can stay ahead of men’s fashion for Summertime style.  We’re limited in the warm weather because we can’t layer as much as we do in the colder months. This week, we’ll show you how to wear short sleeve shirts in a variety of ways with trousers, shorts, cuffed pants and jeans straight from the runway.

Since layering is limited in warmer weather, we can play around with our accessories and match them with a variety of short sleeve shirt options.  This means plenty of breezy silhouettes, sunglasses galore, and a blend of comfortable, street-ready sneakers, sandals and boat shoes to keep it cool in steamy weather.

When choosing the right shirt for a more casual shorts and sandals look, be sure to think about a striped or pattern short sleeve shirt to add pops of color to your look.  You can pair any of these Argyleculture button-front shirts from JCPenney with the right pair of shades or even a hat to mix a dapper feel with your current style.

If you’re less casual about your style, than cuffed trousers or dark jeans  paired with a light blazer might be your favorite runway trend to lookout for. JCPenney has a variety of solid short sleeve button-front shirts to choose from in navy or pink.  If you prefer a polo to make your overall look a bit more classic, JCPenney features our Argyleculture Short-Sleeve Pattern Polo in limestone or rio red.

For more style inspiration, please stop by your local JCPenney store or online, Argyleculture’s Instagram, and keep an eye out for more important wardrobe tips and our Look of the Week on our Argyle Life blog.


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