Top Holiday Trends

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to decorate for the upcoming festive holidays and start building a shopping list. Trying to figure out what to get for everyone can be stressful no matter which holiday you celebrate.  We’ve got you covered with the top trends for perfect holiday style!

The Classic Argyle Sweater

Did you know the Argyle pattern has been around since the 17th Century, solidifying it as a classic for the office or holiday party? Set in a variety of colors, they add a layer of dapper style to your entire look, while fitting in perfectly with holiday decor.

Pea Coats

What you wear over your holiday look is just as important as the actual outfit itself. Not only will a Pea Coat keep you warm, it will make the most casual outfit look sharp. If you find yourself running out for last minute surprises, just wrap yours around your pajamas and nobody will notice what’s underneath!

Lace Up Boots

Winter can be brutal on your footwear. Snow, salt and dirt can destroy a pair of sneakers or casual shoes, so it’s important to keep a sturdy pair of boots in your winter arsenal of accessories. Not only will these boots blend perfectly with any casual or sophisticated look, they’ll also come in handy when you run into an unexpected snowfall.

Striped Sweater

Stripes are the perfect way to go because you can play it safe with a classic two-toned striped sweater or express your style with a striped sweater in a variety of colors to show off your holiday spirit.

Checkered Shirts

If stripes aren’t your thing, check out these checkered-pattern shirts that offer a classic aesthetic to blend well with any tie or bowtie. The variety of colorways will appeal to anyone who likes to add pops of color to an entire look without feeling too flashy.

Cargo Pants

There’s something to be said about the clean and sharp factor that a fitted pair of cargo pants brings to any look, especially during the holidays. These pants transition well from casual situations to family events, without having to stop somewhere for a quick wardrobe change.


If you aren’t into accessories and refuse to wear suspenders, a bowtie, or even a pocket square, then Vests are the way to go! They help tone down a shirt or an entire look that shows off a noisy pattern and add a dapper layer to even the most casual of outfits.

Print Bowties/Pocket Squares

Bowties, ties and pocket squares are another alternative for those who prefer subtle accents of holiday colors. You should try to match them to your the color of your suspenders, or if you’re a holiday fanatic go with a bright and festive pattern that works with whatever holiday you and your family celebrate.


Looking for something that would go well with that pair of flannel or fleece pajamas when it’s time to open presents? This is your go to. Pullovers offer the comfort and texture of a hooded sweatshirt and come in a variety of sophisticated patterns and color tones.  The added layer of color will turn a casual gift unwrapping scene into a stylish event.

Any of these favorites would be a great holiday gift or update to your festive style this holiday season. While you’re shopping for these essentials at your local JCPenney store or online,  don’t forget to spread the holiday spirit to your friends and family.  For more style inspiration, please visit and check our Instagram for more holiday shopping tips.

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