If you are into keeping your style up-to-date like I am, then you know how important it is to maintain your sweater game. This autumn’s Argyleculture menswear collection offers pops of color and different silhouettes to help enhance any gent’s style.

This time of year is extremely busy for any young mogul in the making. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which sweater works best for the right occasion or event, but we have you covered with some #ArgyleLife sweater weather tips.

Sweaters are adaptable. If you find you are too hot to wear one all day, you can easily treat it like an accessory, by wrapping it around your neck or waist to add an extra layer to your outfit.  This is how you carve your a personal style preference with your wardrobe.  You can also add layers to your look, by wearing a vest over your sweater to complete a sharp, gentlemen's look for any occasion.

Sweaters are an important staple in Argyleculture’s fall menswear collection because we want to inspire all gentlemen with simple ways to layer their style.  You can avoid falling into a “basic” single colored pattern routine by checking out the wide variety of sweaters we are offering at JCPenney’s.  For more style inspiration and information on the ‘Gentlemen's Movement, please visit http://argyleculture.com and follow us on Instagram when checking out @argyleculture.

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