Summer Style Trends from Men's Paris Fashion Week

Men’s Fashion Week just ended in Paris and this week’s style guide will capture the need-to-know trends you can test out this summer. Several themes on the runway were youthful, outdoorsy style trends featuring shorts, suit jackets and trousers as a gent’s main style staple.  

 When planning how to build your overall look around these key items, it’s important to think about layering these trends in the form of a jacket.  There are ways to make a statement while keeping a more classic attitude for styling your suit. Don’t feel shy about standing out with our variety of shirt options JCPenney like the Argyleculture Plaid Button-Front Shirts in Navy Plaid or Multi Purple.  

 If you’re more casual about your style, than shorts paired with a suede or linen zip up jacket will be your favorite and most comfortable runway look. You can pair jackets, shorts and trousers with a solid polo or button-front short like the Argyleculture Birdseye Pique Polo in burgundy or navy or the Birdseye V Neck Shirt in burgundy or blue.


 If you’re favorite types of accessories are hats and backpacks, then you’ll love these runway tips when you find yourself at an outdoor event or even inside the boardroom. You can’t go wrong if you pair these accessories with shirts that have vacation vibes.  JCPenney has a variety to choose from like the Argyleculture Button-Front Shirt in Navy Print or White Print.

 For more style inspiration, please stop by your local JCPenney store or online, Argyleculture’s Instagram, and keep an eye out for more important wardrobe tips and our Look of the Week on our Argyle Life blog.

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