Prints and Solids Style Guide Part One

Every guy will likely have his favorite pair of go-to pants or classic shorts for any warm weather situation. When it comes to selecting the right shirt, it definitely requires a personal sense of style.  For example, will you go with a solid short sleeve top or printed pattern long sleeve option?

 This week, we will explore different types of shirts, especially when it comes to prints and solid patterns for any occasion, even as the weather gets increasingly warmer and a bit on the uncomfortable side when factoring in travel and outdoor or indoor conditions.  

It’s time to think about your dress shirt style without relying on your blazer or jacket as the main accessory to complete your overall look.  It’s important to have your sweater, vest or jacket on hand, in case it gets breezy, and most of the time, the weather at the end of May and early June begin to feel hot and sticky.   

If you’re someone who likes to blend in with the crowd by not getting called out for his style choices, or if you’re unsure of a venue’s particular dress code when receiving an invite to a networking event, then our Argyleculture solid short sleeve options at JCPenney are the way to go for any dapper situation. 

Shades of pale blue, pink or white are stylish choices and can be worn to any work or social occasion this season.   Don’t be afraid to select a lite pink shirt and pair it with a darker suit jacket or blazer for a sharp fashion statement, even if you don’t like to stand out with your fashion choices.  I know it’s takes getting used to, but try a color on that you aren’t used to and you may be surprised just how classic you look and feel with a new shirt option.  Our wardrobe can use an update every season, even if you only buy one or two new shirt options to be current this season’s trends. 

For more style inspiration, please stop by your local JCPenney store or online, Argyleculture’s Instagram, and keep an eye out for more important wardrobe tips and our Look of the Week on our Argyle Life blog.

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