If you don’t have a pair of suspenders in your closet right now, do me a favor and go out and get yourself at least one pair! In our latest “Look of the Week” we show you how to modernize the classic accessory with some of our favorites brands who understand how to tap into a gent’s sophisticated side when his mood or schedule calls for it.  So let’s start from the top and work our way down with a contemporary style guide for any gent to easily tweak for his sense of style.

We like the Dockers Chambray Ivy Cap with Straw Trim and JF J. Ferrar® Fashion Plaid Bow Tie and Suspender Set because it’s a casual way to style a distinguished look.  The Stafford Pensacola Gingham Pre-Tied Bow Tie is another great option offering a variety of colors and patterns.

Our Argyleculture Brushed Twill Button Up Shirt and Stretch Brushed Twill Cargo Pants are comfortable and stylish additions, especially if you like mixing it up with different textures and fabrics.

Choosing the right belt and shoes will help tie the entire look together, especially when you need to add a pop of color or tone down loud patterns.  The J Ferrar reversible belt, Stafford® Nolan Men's Wingtip Oxford Shoes or classic pair of adidas® shell toes will help to subtly shift your look as you change locations.

Don’t forget to carve time out of your busy routine to plan what you will wear.  The style choices you make will dictate someone’s first impression of you when attending an event or business meeting.  It takes time to develop your own aesthetic and requires trying on different shirts, pants and accessories in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics until you learn what appeals to you the most.

The great thing about JCPenney is that it’s a one stop shop, so after you’ve picked up your Argyleculture essentials, make sure to check out these accessories for new ways to modernize your classic wardrobe favorites.  Don’t forget to check out the #Argylelife blog and our Instagram for more style inspiration and tips!

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