How to wear a dress shirt in summer

As the sun starts to warm up the weather, it can be hard to dress well and keep cool.  This week, we will take a look at how to wear a dress shirt throughout the summer season whether you’re at the office, at a networking event or just hanging outdoors in the sun.

 The dress shirt is no longer reserved for important meetings or business travel.  They are more commonly worn for a variety of occasions and during any season.  If you tend to avoid wearing a dress shirt in the warmer weather, now’s your opportunity to learn a few styling tips that will make any shirt work for all kinds of warm-weather occasions.

 The main points to think about when shopping or styling your professional look this summer, is to pay attention to buttons, sleeves and a tucked in and out fit.  These details are important when styling your overall look, even if you find yourself in a casual situation.   

Always button your shirt all the way up for a smart look, even if you’re not wearing a tie or bowtie. Once you’re at an event, you can get away with undoing your top button.  It’s important to arrive with your top fully buttoned.  The more casual the occasion, the more buttons you can undo.  Don’t go overboard with undoing buttons because you don’t need your entire chest on display, even if you’re gathering at a friend’s home. 

Argyleculture has a variety of short sleeve button-front shirts at JCPenney in Navy Combo, Navy Plaid, and Navy Print options.  It’s always great to go with a pattern shirt to avoid revealing underarm sweat spots.

 If you prefer a longer sleeve option, you can turn up your cuffs or roll the sleeves to your elbows for a more casual look and comfortable feel.   The Argyleculture Roll Sleeve Button-Front shirt in in Indigo or Gator are on sale for $24.99 online or at your local JCPenney store.  

 If you find yourself in a more formal situation, you should always keep your shirt tucked in, especially if you are wearing a tie or bow tie.  More casual environments call for an untucked shirt.  It’s important to make your choice before you leave the house because if you decide to untuck your shirt in the middle of the day, it will be creased and appear unprofessional.   

You always want to project the effort you put into your style and showing up to a meeting or event with a crumpled shirt is not a dapper look. Also, make sure to use a mirror when tucking in your shit or it won’t sit right.  Be sure to have an extra shirt on backup in case you decide to untuck at the last minute to avoid looking messy.

 For more style inspiration, please stop by your local JCPenney store or online, Argyleculture’s Instagram, and keep an eye out for more important wardrobe tips and our Look of the Week on our Argyle Life blog.


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