How to beat the rain in style

The summer months bring on rainy, wet weather and could dampen any gent’s style.  Even when you want to wear shorts or a shirt without a blazer, the rain will likely work against you.  This week’s blog will prepare you for rainy weather and keep your style dry even when it pours.

Always account for the weather before picking out your outfit and be sure to select the right shirt that can go with any raincoat, blazer or parka.  It’s important to wear a suit jacket and a button-front shirt when shopping for a rain coat.  

You’ll want to know how the coat layers with your entire look as well as feel comfortable without wrinkling your clothes.  JCPenney has a variety of suit jackets, umbrellas and shirts to choose from like the Argyleculture button-front shirt in morning blue, sage or powder blue.  You can purchase all of your wet weather accessories and clothing in one trip without breaking the bank.  

If you don’t have a raincoat, be sure to grab one quickly, because you are bound to get caught in the rain as we approach the end of July and the month of August.  It’s important to keep an extra umbrella at work in addition to a few spare shirts if you do happen to get caught in wet weather.  You want to be prepared and always stay dry in the worst scenarios.

Once you’ve picked out the right rain coat to match your style, you can move on to purchasing the right umbrella. You can think of an umbrella as another dapper accessory, whether buying a small compact one to easily fit into a gym bag or a large one to carry like a cane when the rain disappears.

For more style inspiration, please stop by your local JCPenney store or online, Argyleculture’s Instagram, and keep an eye out for more important wardrobe tips and our Look of the Week on our Argyle Life blog.

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