Flannels and Plaids

It can be easy to confuse your flannels and plaids. In fact, most people might say they are one in the same, but the two serve as two unique style staples. Though both are perfect foundations for putting together a laid back, semi casual look, many style gurus will point out flannel is a fabric while plaid is a pattern. Regardless, they will help elevate your style as you hit the holiday party circuit this month. 

The plaid pattern originated in the 1700s in Scotland and was used for protection against harsh winter weather. In 1889 the trend evolved into a wool lumberjack checkered pattern by American Entrepreneur, Hamilton Carhartt. Today, the flannel shirt transcends its plaid heritage in the 20th century with checkers, stripes and solids.  It has become a significant trend across pop-culture crossing-over 90’s grunge, hip-hop and hipster style.

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We’ve put together some of our favorite go-to flannels to enhance your wardrobe or add to your holiday shopping list and don’t forget to check favorite flannel in our “Look of the Week” on the #ArgyleLife blog.

Easy to wear, comfortable and warm, our Argyleculture colorful stand-out and basic solid, long-sleeve button-up shirts will have you style-ready for any holiday party or work outing this holiday season.  While you’re shopping for these favorites at your local JCPenney store or online, don’t forget to share your style knowledge and holiday spirit with friends and family. 

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