Eyewear Style: Part One

If you wear prescription glasses, eyewear has become an important accessory, and just  like having the right pair of shoes or hat, a pair of shades can tie your entire look together. Since there are so many styles to try on, it can be difficult to choose what works best for you and your lifestyle.  Not to worry, because we’ve got you covered with these tips to take your specs-style to the next level.

Tip number one is to try a range of styles in order to  find the right pair to highlight your facial features. Take the time to try out a range of silhouettes and you’ll soon realize that there are an endless amount of options .  JCPenney features a range of styles, from rectangular eye shaped glasses with our Basie to semi rimless frames, and our Chesney to round eye shaped glasses like our Neville.

Tip two is to always have more than one pair.  Once you’ve tested out a variety, make sure to pick a few styles that you really like or get your favorite style in a range of colors, there is nothing worse than putting on your favorite suit and realizing that your glasses don’t fit the look, walking around squinting at an event or meeting is not the best look for a professional. This will also help you avoid not having a pair on hand, keep one in your office, one at home and one that you can keep in your bag or pocket to take on the go.

argyle jc penney 3.jpg

The final and most important tip in terms of style choices is to always switch up your spec game depending on the environment or outfit you are in. Perception is important and depending on the frame you can give off a sense of sophisticated and smart or casual and cool. Any gent should have a classic pair to match their suits and formal wear for important meetings and networking events but also keep pairs that will alternate well with your casuals like argyle sweaters and pullovers. Start off with a foundation of a classic black frame in your favorite style and follow that up with testing out different colors, patterns and materials until you’ve built up a stylish collection ready for any occasion.

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