Eyewear Style Guide Part Three

It’s about that time to take a look at Fall shopping trends as we approach the end of summer.  One of the most popular menswear accessories you’ll start to see are new trends in prescription eyewear.  Let’s take a look at the latest trends to improve your specs style as you begin to organize your wardrobe and get ready to update our fashion for next season.  

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The most important tip in terms of style choices is to always switch up your accessories depending on the environment or outfit you are in. Perception is important in what we see and how we appear to others. You can showcase a variety of looks if you’re in a sophisticated or casual type of mood or situation and sthis all starts with the types of frames you prefer to wear.  Don’t forget to take extra time to go into the store and try a few pairs on because some are more comfortable than others.

Color may be important to you and a great way to spice up your all black or brown suit is to layer in colorful accessories.  You may like the Argyleculture Fender in Sage or Teal and the Mitchell in Navy, Black/Blue or Brown.  Both have similar rectangular eye shapes with different frame styles.  If you’re into the round frame look, you’ll definitely prefer the Argyleculture Neville in Tortoise or Blue.

There are also a variety of bottom frameless prescription glasses like the Fletcher in Black or Brown if you prefer a more classic, clean style.

Don’t stress if you aren’t too sure what your eyewear style preferences are. Start off with a foundation of a classic black frame in your favorite style and follow that up with testing out different colors, patterns and materials until you’ve built up a stylish collection ready for any occasion.

For more eyewear style inspiration, please stop by your local eyewear prescription dealer, Costco, Argyleculture online, Argyleculture’s Instagram, and keep an eye out for more wardrobe tips in our Look of the Week on our Argyle Life blog.

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