Summer travel packing tips

Travelling with style starts with how to pack your travel bag or carry on. Ultimately, the thought you put into styling and packing your trip will impact how you look and feel throughout your work trip or vacation this summer.  This week, let’s focus on how to stay stylish when you’re on the go, whether jumping on a plane, train, or heading out for a road trip.

It’s important to think about what your comfortable wearing on a flight and in the car.  Think about sitting for a few hours and then standing up to wrinkles and creases.  Always pack extra shirts to avoid these scenarios, especially if you think you may sweat a bit more from travelling to and from your destination.  Dressing smart and comfortable is key for any gent’s travel style.

The Argyleculture print button-front shirt in powder blue or strawberry icecream will go with any pair of jeans or pants. The Argyleculture short sleeve button-front shirt in navy or pink are great picks if you prefer solids.  For the plane or car ride, you can settle into an Argyleculture Birdseye Pique Polo in burgundy or navy will keep you comfortable and cool.  These shirt options will help you get from transit to your hotel or restaurant in style.

Packing light means you need to take into consideration the different outfits you’ll need from day to night.  If you bring at least 2-3 pairs of pants you can pair the with any polo or button-front short sleeve shirt so stay cool and comfortable on the road.  You can swap different shirts from day to night with one pair of paints for a variety of looks. Chinos or jeans are a great options.

You’ll want to pack at least one suit jacket or blazer and a pair of sunglasses because let’s not forget waking up in a new city could bring on different weather patterns.  Don’t forget to pack an umbrella to stay dry in any wet weather situation and a raincoat is always a great way to stay extra prepared.

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