A classic history of the Polo Shirt

Last week, we took a look at different prints and patterns short-sleeve shirts that will keep any gent in style for warm weather.  If you aren’t a fan of prints and patterns, the Polo is your go-to shirt for any occasion.  When it comes to picking out the right Polo shirt, there are a lot of factors to consider, including fit and color.

This week, let’s focus on Polo shirts because they are perfect for any warm weather situation that’s in or outside the office.  The Polo has a unique history dating back to the early days of tennis when players had to wear heavy garments on the court, including long sleeved button up shirts, ties and trousers.  

 Rene Lacoste, seven-time Grand Slam champion decided to impact court style and bring fashion to tennis attire with a knit pique cotton shirt with a collar.  Lacoste first debuted the Polo shirt at the 1926 US Open and in 1927 began sewing a crocodile patch on the left chest after journalists began to referring to him as “The Crocodile.”  After retiring in 1933, Lacoste began his career as designer and merchandiser and by the time Ralph Lauren designed his own version in his 1972 Polo collection, the shirt became a staple in casual menswear.

 Today, Polo shirts are still popular, especially throughout the Spring and Summertime seasons and you can pair them with any pants or shorts and blazer combo for a casual or upscale look.  It’s important to size your Polo shirt to fit your body instead of wearing it loose and baggy.  The fit should be slim enough to create a trim silhouette based on your personal shape, not tightness.   Remember, there is a difference between fit and tight.  The sleeve should fall to three-quarters down the biceps and the sleeve seam should fall on the edge of your shoulder.

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